Getting a little bit bandwidth shaped?


It is no secret that many ISP's (especially schools, universities, and businesses) are taking measures to limit the use of peer to peer file sharing by their members. The measures include blocking access to public node indices, sites that offer P2P software, blocking typical TCP ports used for P2P, and bandwidth throttling based on TCP port numbers and even high level protocol analysis. The results are shown in the graphic above.

The good news is that commercial broadband ISP's are much more reluctant in doing this because limiting access to P2P sharing would severely drop their customer base (what else is broadband good for?). A lot of people compelled to use an "unclean" connection restricted in the above manner at school or at work also have a "clean" unrestricted broadband connection at home. If you are such a person, don't you sometimes wish that you could just wrap up any and all of your network traffic into something not easily recognizable, send this something over a privileged TCP/IP connection to your home LAN, where the something can be unwrapped and all your traffic can proceed unhindered?

WIN_TUN can accomplish this for you. Its client sets up and encrypted, compressed Ethernet tunnel to a server running on a remote machine on an Ethernet LAN (home network) whose connectivity settings are under your control. WIN_TUN is also equipped with some advanced features that may allow you to get around both deterministic (by scrambling the tunnelled traffic) and probabilistic (by masquerading as HTTP traffic, using proxy servers and separate connections for sending and receiving) protocol recognition/bandwidth shaping techniques used to impede the performance of "unwanted" connections.

For the Linux operating system, such solutions already exist. However, in the setting where I was to use this kind of software, Linux was unfavorable, and no Windows solutions were readily available. Therefore, WIN_TUN was written for Windows. It requires WinPcap to run.

Besides all this weird stuff, WIN_TUN can be used simply as VPN software to interconnect two or more Ethernet LAN's using the Internet. Tunnels also act as Ethernet switches.

For more information and a user manual, see the README file.

WIN_TUN v1.3 (180K). Download WIN_TUN version 1.3 (last updated 8/4/2003).