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12/18/2013 Nope -- I am not dead just yet.

After several years of willful disuse, a new old music track is available for download on the MP3 Files page: an extended vocal version of Thrillseekers' Synaesthesia (Fly Away). That the radio cut of my long-time favorite had two verses whereas the full-length club mix only had one has troubled me for so many years that finally I had to mash up a proper mix from what was available. A full-length Solarstone Remix of Moonman's Galaxia (You and Me) with Chantal Matar's vocals is due next (same story there, unfortunately).

Additionally, a remaster of Eric Prydz' Pjanoo (The Freemasons Rebuild) is available (previously was not listed). This one was intended for a higher-quality master of Emotional Dance (with Annie Sollange's vocals), which never happened.
4/13/2010 Updated BandR to version 1.2. Fixed a nasty bug which used to result in a mess if the replicated range covered an odd number of spectral lines; introduced other tweaks to improve the perceptual quality of the output and increase robustness of the spectral envelope estimation algorithm. Line fit statistics are now printed to assist the user in choosing optimal envelope estimation parameters. Refer to the manual for more info.
9/26/2008 Updates to the MP3 Files, Music Identification, and Personal pages. Still no hands to update my MP3 files catalog from 5 years ago; however, most of my MP3 collection now regularly appears in either Soulseek or Shareaza (G1/G2/ed2k), so there isn't really a need for that page anymore.
4/3/2008 Set up the Unofficial A7M266-D BIOS Update page to host the subject. It has now been a few months since the latest update (1011A) was made; I took that time to test the update on my system before releasing it to the public since it includes some potentially unstable tweaks. Compared to 1011A, this is a performance update only.
12/11/2006 Created new MP3 Files page -- therein, I will be periodically putting up some of the more rare MP3 files in my collection for download. This time, uploaded some files that were once available on MP3.com, but cannot easily be found any longer ever since that service went belly up. Among them, a bunch of ambient tracks by Avalon (Tim Handels). The artists are not what you may think they are (there are more popular projects with the same names, but these are not them). To my knowledge, none of those tracks were ever officially released, except as MP3.com albums; one of the tracks was released as a single, but the version posted on the page was not.
3/7/2006 Updated BandR to version 1.1. Increased width of the blending band to further reduce ringing and made the replicator copy spectral lines beyond user specified end line (to preserve the shape of the original cut-off).

Recent Stargate SG-1 (season 9) TV rips prove to be good test cases.
2/4/2006 Released BandR, a high frequency band replication tool that was developed due to (apparent) lack of tools and signal processing plugins to deal with missing high frequency content in poorly encoded audio.
I will have to pass on my new (and hopefully improved) LAME version ETA for now, as I haven't had much chance to work on this due to school projects and the program above -- but that's the next thing on the plate.
1/23/2006 Updated the Music Identification page (new tracks to identify). Some of these may have been asked and answered already on the Digitally Imported forums, but I lost track of the threads these were in.
1/12/2006 New host, again. If you have this site bookmarked, please update the URL; the old ProHosing account is no longer maintained because they don't allow anything but text files anymore. All but one HTML errors are hopefully fixed now as well (at least, so W3C validator thinks).

Beyond this, a new Music Identification page has been set up, where I will be henceforth posting samples from unknown songs to identify. Any help in this endeavor is appreciated.
10/12/2005 Hopefully made this site a bit more user friendly by dropping a bunch of useless pages, annoying graphics, links that lost their relevance in the past 6 years, and condensed the contents.

In progress: Currently working on a custom version of LAME 3.97/3.98 that would (supposingly) improve quality/bitrate at lower end CBR/VBR modes. Already implemented noise based (VBR-like) bit allocation in CBR modes and reservoir friendly short block thresholding for GPSYCHO. Left to finish is noise based MS/LR decision, which entails finally fixing joint stereo support that's been broken in LAME for ages. Success or failure will be acknowledged.
10/7/2004 The last version of Hexen II/Portal of Praevus unofficial patch (1.15) is now up at my Hexen II Page. For lack of time and eagerness, there are a lot less features than were planned (i.e. no multitexturing support), but the change of resolution on the fly has been implemented in OpenGL mode, and a few bug/feature instances were fixed in progs, most of whose code should now be framerate independent (primarily this refers to Assassin's stealth ability and Raven Staff/Scarab Staff/Crossbow/Fire Rune firing rates). Also tweaked character special abilities (Necromancer's life leeching should now be much more viable, Crusader fully heals (as well as fully restores mana) on level up, and Soul Spheres behave slightly differently (the longer they stay, the less their bonus becomes) to match the behavior described in the game manual.
11/9/2003 Was trying to set up the new Jedi Knight III to work with my Voodoo card. Apparently, WickedGL does not work anymore, and original 3Dfx's drivers exhibit all the same glitches as with Jedi Knight II, making it unplayable. After some serious digging, found that SciTech GLDirect v3.0 works. You have to use the CAD driver (though you can disable CAD precision in options). It is an OpenGL to Direct3D wrapper, so it is slow, but it works. The file is now up for download at Voodoo 3 Tweaking Section.
8/4/2003 Added a new section, Projects, and reorganized the site a little bit. Added another project of mine, WIN_TUN. Updated Track List. As always, cleaned up dead links and modified existing ones. No news on the Hexen II Unofficial Patch yet, but that's soon to come.
3/18/2003 The Unofficial Hexen II v1.14 Patch is out (yes, I should have announced this earlier), and v1.15 is in the works. More info on my Hexen II Page, while download links can be found in RavenFiles Hexen II Section.

Secondly, FortuneCity killed my account, so I moved to a new host. Hopefully ProHosting is more liberal with regards to the stuff that I have on this site. Since there appear to be no unreasonable file size limits here, most of the downloads in Voodoo 3 Tweaking Section have been repacked and are now available as single files instead of multivolume RAR archives.

Finally, the MP3 Music page has been updated with my new track list.
11/18/2002 Since the registered version of WickedGL drivers is no longer officially obtainable (see www.wicked3d.com, WickedGL download page), we will now put the full version for download. See Voodoo 3 Tweaking page (very bottom) for details.
11/4/2002 Updated 3Dfx Driver Set to v4.13.01.0011 by fixing miscellaneous bugs that surfaced. See Voodoo 3 Tweaking page.

Updated the recommended register initialization values for Voodoo 3 BIOS, and the recommended BIOS itself (see Voodoo 3 Tweaking page). Some of the timings were too aggressive resulting in graphic glitches at virtually no performance improvement, and Windows NT/2000/XP drivers have proven absolutely intolerant to block writes being enabled (refusing to start up properly), so these have been disabled once again.

Uploaded my MP3 track list and updated the MP3 Music page with more current info.

Various dead links scavenged on both Voodoo 3 Tweaking and Links pages. Several new links added.

Updated the Multiplayer page (listed MaGgoT's HexenWorld master server).

Last but not least, I've been working on improving the Hexen II game using the source code released some time ago by Rick Johnson of Raven Software. Unlike NewHexen (whose purpose is mainly engine enhancements), the purpose of this port is to fix up the old bugs and annoyances (which GL version especially is swarming with). If all goes well, we'll have the unofficial 1.13 patch by the New Year.
9/12/2002 Per a request, uploaded a modification of Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast game. This file will disable camera movement dampening in multiplayer, basically preventing the camera from wobbling around as you turn/jump and making it stay directly behind your back in third person mode. This fixes a problem where in some instances the camera would "bounce" up and down because of inaccuracies in the inter/extrapolation algorithm used. The file if for game version 1.04 and works with pure servers. Unzip and place the resulting assets5.pk3 it in your {JK2}\Gamedata\base directory, backing up the original file first. (JK2CamFix)
8/27/2002 Ever seen the new Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast game? That thing looks impressive at times, especially those Nar Shaddaa levels, if you know what I am talking about. Two bad things though: 1) performance, and 2) music. Yes, Raven Software decided to keep the original Star Wars music in the game. I was never a fan of symphonic music, always preferred electronica; in fact, this is the track that I would want to hear in Nar Shaddaa levels. IMO it is much more atmospheric than any of the music used originally in Star Wars (this is not to say anything bad against the quality of the original tracks).

The track above is titled "4:20 AM" and was composed by HypnotiK. Full version is available on his page at MP3.com.
4/5/2002 Updated the Voodoo 3 Tweaking page: added the WickedGL v4.99 driver (that comes with Return to Castle Wolfenstein). This alternative OpenGL driver fixes most graphic glitches in Jedi Knight II.

Also some exploration done with respect to making Q3A tools (Q3MAP.EXE) get to compile the JK2 maps. The BSP map format has been changed quite significantly by Raven so I don't know if it will be possible to figure out the new lump formats in reasonable time - but hopefully Raven Software/Lucas Arts will release the tools themselves so that will not be needed.
2/23/2002 Email address change, again. My new one is pa3pyx87405703@icqmail.com. Please update your address books if you have my old ones (pa3pyx@altavista.com, pa3pyx@fcmail.com) because the latter is no more, and the former will be shut down soon as well since AltaVista decided to give its users a headache.

Also, several dead links have been removed and a few new ones added to the Links page.
2/8/2002 Web Based Email
Web Based Email
2/1/2002 I hear reports that the druid drop is back, even though Blizzard said they fixed it, or at least for realm games. Also, there have been reports of the main executable in the patch not working on NT based systems, so newer version of the game executable was taken as a base and all executables in the patch rebuilt. The new patch can be found here.
1/23/2002 As reported by Blizzard, they have fixed the infamous Druid Drop bug serverside - for realm games. A new version of the Druid Drop/Drop Hack fix has been uploaded because the testing has shown the previous Drop Hack portion of the fix to be defunct. Go to this page for the updated file and more extensive info.
1/12/2002 A new possible fix for the crash caused by the use of D2HackIt Drop 1.0 plugin (which exploits a bug similar to Druid Drop) has been added. See this page for download and more info.
1/10/2002 Diablo II LoD v1.09d slvl 33+ Werewolf Druid Drop bug fix has been implemented (hopefully) - until Blizzard releases an official patch, more info can be found and the temporary fix can be downloaded at this page.
11/21/2001 Following requests, created and uploaded the driver package without 3Dfx Tools.
11/21/2001 A new driver set has been compiled and can be downloaded from the Voodoo 3 Tweak Page. Features: new Glide and Direct3D tweaks, registry/inf bug fixes, recomputed refresh rates for all resolutions and and new refresh rates added, a lot of irrelevant stuff removed. For a full list of changes, see the History File (also included in the driver set itself).
11/08/2001 New 3Dfx Voodoo3 BIOS tweaks, along with the new modified .ROM file, have been posted to the Voodoo 3 Tweak Page. Bad URLs fixed, and new links added to the Links page. New 3Dfx Voodoo3/4/5 unified driver set (based on x3dfx Community drivers v1.08.03) is being worked on, and soon to be finished.
10/27/2001 Fixed broken link to Voodoo 3 specs; FortuneCity deleted the file since they appear to have decreased the file size limit from 3 megs to only 1 meg. This is the last thing I tolerate from them, their next antic will likely be my moveout and maybe something more nasty, just in their spite - I'm sick and tired of this sh*t.
09/16/2001 Updated the Voodoo 3 Tweak Page; modified the tweak value of dramInit0 (there were still considerable visual glitches with the old one) and added a minute agpInit0 tweak.
09/15/2001 Updated the Voodoo 3 Tweak Page since I got an email saying that the situation with Xpentor's tweaked drivers has changed.

Poor guys at WTC, and poor architect who designed it... a smart Japanese guy; there was already an attack on his mind fruit before, some guys tried to blow up the basement - and it endured. Now his 2 buildings suffered 2 plane impacts - one with a huge explosion, and were still there for about an hour! (I believe it was actually the fire, not so much as the impact, that ultimately caused them to collapse.)

Anyway, no chance to turn back time.

I have put up the 3Dfx Voodoo 3 Tweaking Page, this contains instructions and tools for editing Voodoo 3 BIOS and thus overclocking/performance optimizing the card in hardware. I am not quite done tweaking yet, so I'll try to keep this updated as I go; any constructive criticism is welcome, too.

09/10/2001 Have not been around for quite a while, so a lot of things to tell.

First of all, now there is another version (mirror?) of this web page that is sometimes available at (scrap); it is hosted right at my box and is only available when it is up and running the Gnutella BearShare client (which features a web server). It should be much faster than FortuneCity, has no ad banners, but has a limit of maximum users connected simultaneously. Most importantly, it offers file sharing thanks to BearShare; you can download files I currently have available for public view, and these include mostly MP3s. The server there is a bit glitchy though (always returns content-type as text/html), so be sure to select "Save Link As..." when you download files.

Second, my former email address (pa3pyx@fcmail.com) is dead for sure now, and so are all the messages saved there, so should you need to contact me, use pa3pyx87405703@icqmail.com instead.

Third, I have recently got a new (well, not really) 3Dfx Voodoo 3 video card, and have been tweaking with it for quite a while. It is likely that I post the result of this tweaking (which includes BIOS modifications, memory and core overclocking etc). If I do so, I will create a new section of this site, where I will put the descriptions of what I did as well as necessary tools and chipset specs. For now, check the updated Links page where you will find a couple of links to 3Dfx hardware resources.

Last but not least, I have deleted the Quake II page - the files that are there can be found in lots of other places anyway, and I no longer play Quake II (as well as any other deathmatch). I also removed the Heretic II movie clip that used to be on the Hobbies page, and the background music - in part because they were just causing problems with missing plugins and were taking up space, in other part because FortuneCity doesn't allow media content on their web pages anymore. I don't know - perhaps I should move out. Not to mention their so-called email service, then the use of cookies to download images, but they are becoming just too damn restrictive - and that is not worth their service at all, IMO.
04/20/2001 The FortuneCity email appears to be stinking *dead* (I don't know what the heck is with their DNS, but I can't even resolve fcmail.com; probably the bureaucrats at InterNIC have disabled it because they didn't get their prescribed 250 bucks or whatnot in time from CommTouch). So I had to update my email address everywhere, which is kind of pain since I have it in so many places around the 'Net.
04/07/2001 Updated some Raven-Games links, for as always, Phoebus needed to move stuff around. The Napster situation has changed, so my opinion on it had to be updated as well.
02/17/2001 Put out my LCC port of GLH2MP.EXE source code on Hexen II page.
01/16/2001 Updated the background music, just for fun. FortuneCity web servers seem to have problems with returning correct file types to browsers, so the music won't always work though.
10/26/2000 Updated color settings all around the site with correct format, since the former one didn't work with Mozilla quite right.
10/21/2000 The beta testing is now done, so I put out the Hexen II/HexenWorld map I promised. You can download it at my Hexen II page, where you can also find some screenshots of it.

It's time.. Time to put up with the old crap and make this page at least something useful. Time to remove the stuff anyone can download from a couple of hundred sites anyway, and put in some things that are really hard to find. Here is what has been updated.

  1. Quake/QuakeWorld page was removed (I hardly play Quake anyway), and Hexen II/HexenWorld page added. There, you can find some of my files and also some info on running a HexenWorld server.
  2. My Hexen II utils (BSP2MAP for Hexen II and Hexen2Quake) were recompiled using LCC (rather than Borland C++), so now they shouldn't require a bunch of exotic DLLs only present in Borland installation to run (like they did before).
  3. The MP3 page has been updated with binaries of an excellent free MP3 encoder.
  4. Links on the Links page were updated: dead links fixed and a couple of new ones added.
  5. Background music has been changed to something less annoying than Star Wars Empire march.

Also, I have an upcoming HexenWorld deathmatch map which I made based upon 'darkroomdm' by HaTe }MoD{. It is already finished and is now in beta tests, so if everything goes well I will be releasing it shortly. Check back in a week or something.

Well.. enjoy your stay, and I hope you'll find something useful in here. Any comments/suggestions regarding this site are welcome, constructive preferred, but destructive also accepted.

05/04/2000 Updated Quake II page, put in a new demo recorded by me. Also, here are the links to some Hexen II utilities I wrote or modified recently:

BSP2MAP v0.12 for Hexen II: allows you to decompile Hexen II .bsp files. Since Hexen II has slightly different BSP file structure, I had to make some modifications to BSP2MAP source code (originally written by Disastry for Quake) and recompile it to make it work with Hexen II maps.

Hexen2Quake .bsp converter: same reason for existence as above, but it just converts Hexen II maps to make them appear the same format as Quake ones so that you could decompile them with original BSP2MAP or better (BSPC or WinBSPC found at Gladiator Quake II Bot Home Page) and use with other stuff that only works with Quake or Quake II maps.

02/25/2000 Updated Links page, for some links outdated :( Also, added some new links.

Hi everyone, and welcome to my new homepage. I finally got it up and running, so go ahead exploring my work! Unlike those FortuneCity guys all i used creating it is a plain text editor and a few image editors. No HomeBuilders, FrontPage Expresses and other boring stuff.

A little bit about me: my nickname is Pa3PyX (a Russian word written in English letters), I am 18 years old, study in a university, consider myself a computer addict. I have some experience in programming and web design (why would you read this page otherwise?), fond of multiplayer and singleplayer action PC games. For further detail, go to my Hobbies/Interests page.

The page so far is live and will be regularly updated, so come back often! Whenever you want to contact me, feel free to email. My mail is: pa3pyx87405703@icqmail.com.