Favorite Links

IRC and Internet Community
IRCHelp If you have a very little understanding of IRC and want to know more - head on here.
Eris Free Network One of the largest IRC networks out there.
Hardware Tweaking and Overclocking
BansheeDrivers A site on Voodoo Banshee/Voodoo 3, includes BIOS files, flashing utilities, and hardware specs.
V3Info Another 3Dfx related site, includes drivers and BIOS's for all (almost?) Voodoos.
Voodoo Files This site contains various Windows video drivers, tweak utilities and such for different video cards, including 3Dfx based.
x3dfx Community Forums The primary hangout of 3Dfx board users with Windows OS.
2CPU.com A hardware info site plus discussion board targeted for SMP system owners.
Driver Heaven A forum and news site for discussing driver related issues and tweaked driver packs. Hosts the official forum for the kX Project audio drivers.
MvkTech.net A resource site dedicated to nVidia and ATi graphics boards firmware.
The Guru of 3D 3D graphics hardware news and review site. Hosts RivaTuner and ATi Tray Tools projects.
File Sharing
Gnutella Gnutella community home.
Shareaza Possibly the most customizable and tweakable general purpose file sharing client to date; not without quirks, but supports Gnutella, G2, and eDonkey networks.
BitTorrent This is probably the best file sharing technology to use for popular files. While the original BT client's creator has sold out, many more free (speech) implementations remain independently maintained to this day.
G3 Torrent One of the more tweakable BitTorrent clients, most useful features being allowing downloading only specified files and in specified order.
Torrent Reactor A torrent index site of choice.
Napster Former leader of the user to user file sharing, now sold out.
Raven Software Games and Map Editing
HexenWorld Former HexenWorld.com/HexenWorld.net, now merged with Raven-Games and turned to ghost town...
Raven-Games Part of the Mindless Games Network, a site dedicated to Raven Software games, primarily Heretic II.
RavenGames Another site dedicated to Raven Software games, has much more complete coverage on the games themselves than the above site, and also hosts some promising projects.
RavenHurst An upcoming single player mission pack for Hexen II.
Korax' Heritage Several Hexen gameplay mods and TCs currently being worked on.
HexenWorld Vintage Remains of the former glory. Hexen II fan sites previously hosted on HexenWorld.com/HexenWorld.net.
Old HexenWorld Forums When HexenWorld.com broke away from GameSpy Network into Mindless Games where it eventually died, the GameSpy's HexenWorld site was deleted, however the hosted sites and the forums remained for quite some time before (what appears to be) finally going down.
Quake Army Knife QuArK map editor home page. Also has message board.
The QuakeLab 1 An editing tricks page for Quake. Since the engine is the same, a lot of stuff you can find there is also applicable to Hexen II.
Vavoom Vavoom - enhanced D3D/OpenGL source port of Doom, Heretic and Hexen.
Doomsday Engine A parallel project, again of Doom, Heretic and Hexen, featuring 3D rendering and various eye candy as that.
Diablo, Hellfire, Diablo II and Lord of Destruction
DiabloII.net The primary hangout of Diablo II/LoD online players.
The Lurker Lounge Diablo II strategy/tech info site. Was to be abandoned but now back from the dead.
Diablo Forge UnderGroundOnline's Diablo II site.
Planet Diablo GameSpy's Diablo/Diablo II site.
PhrozenKeep Diablo/Diablo II mod development resources.
Quake, Quake II and Quake III Arena
PlanetQuake The epicenter of everything quake.
QuakeWorld Find out more about QuakeWorld and GLQuake here.
id Software The basterds that created Quake.
Quake3World News, files and forums for Quake III Arena.
Other Game Related
Star Wars Knights In depth information about Knights of the Old Republic and The Sith Lords RPG's.
Knights.TheForce.ru Russian resource site on SW:KotOR, formerly one of TheForce.ru projects.
Team Gizka The Sith Lords restoration project.
Half-Life Inside Russian Half-Life 2 site; contains in depth information about the game.
JediOutcast.TheForce.ru Russian Jedi Outcast/Jedi Academy site, also containing information about the unofficial expansion packs (such as Communication Force); formerly one of TheForce.ru projects.
Search and Reference
AltaVista This was once my favorite search as it used to support case sensitive queries. It still supports boolean expressions.
AstaLaVista.box.sk Search engine for computer security related material.
FileSearching An FTP search engine.
AllTheWeb Used to be powered by FASTSearch, providing Web and FTP searching tools.
Rambler A Russian portal site and search engine.
Wikipedia Community maintained encyclopedia; some of the articles are more thorough than in a usual encyclopedia.
Bartleby Includes extensive online reference, including the American Heritage dictionary and Columbia Encyclopedia.
Merriam-Webster Online Contains an extensive English language dictionary which includes nonstandard terms.
MapQuest Maps and directions within the United States.
YAHOO! People Search White pages by YAHOO!