Tracks to Identify

On this page, you'll find fragments of unknown tracks that I happened to get my hands on one way or another. Mostly these will be samples from old tapes. Any information to identify artist and title is much appreciated. Tracks that are successfully identified will be marked as such.

starway.mp3 (120K) [Genre: Eurodance, approx. year: 1996]
s1.mp3 (77K) [Genre: House]
s34.mp3 (475K) [Genre: House] -- Suspected is New Order, one of the tracks from their remix album The Rest Of.
techno.mp3 (306K) [Genre: Trance, approx. year: 1996] -- There was a bootleg tape sold in Russia which featured a mix containing this track. The primary label was Happy Rave '95, and so it contained this compilation -- but only the 1st CD. The rest was incompletely filled up with a different mix (perhaps the 2nd CD from the same compilation?) containing this track, which I believe also contained the sample "Roll the drums."
track7.mp3 (230K) [Genre: Trance] -- Sounds darn familiar, so far as vocals are concerned -- but I can't tell what it is.

Successfully Identified

skc_b1.mp3 (131K) [Genre: Eurodance] -- Definition of Joy -- Stay with Me 4 Ever
skcii_b1.mp3 (163K) [Genre: Eurodance] -- Egma -- Never Gonna Lose Your Love
skcii_b2.mp3 (250K) [Genre: Eurodance] -- Laya feat MC Solo -- All My Dreams (Don't Ever Leave)
laila.wma (120K) [Genre: Eurodance] -- Plaza People -- Layla (Radio Mix)