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Whether you have any suggestions, comments, complaints, insults, whatever - or if you just experience an ever growing need to communicate, or, for goodness' sake, find a dead link on this site, you may drop a note into my main spambox.

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Or, there may be a slight chance my ICQ is running, and you can reach me right away. My number is 87405703. You can also try AIM or YAHOO! messenger (both handles are Pa3PyX); however (due to an increasing amount of spam) I may soon start blocking messages from senders not on my YM contact list (this will not apply to AIM and ICQ for the time being).

You can also find me on IRC sometimes (IRCNet, DALNet, EFNet or QuakeNet); my nick is pa3pyx, I usually hang around from 11pm to 2am EST.

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My Nickname

The history of my nick. It starts back in Russia, where I actually come from. Internet is not quite common in Russia, so there are a lot of separate computer gaming clubs where you can play Quake or something over a local network with your buddies. When I and my friends first decided to visit such a club, we all had no nicks, since (almost) nobody has ever played net games before. What we found out is almost everyone uses either well-known words or their own names for nicks. We found that extremely boring, and took to invent or own, truly unique and fun nicks. As we are all Russians, no wonder we thought of taking Russian nicks written in English letters, as Quake doesn't support cyrillic characters. One of my friends has written a program that utilizes a Russian dictionary to figure out which words can be written completely in Latin characters. Under impression of that program (which I didn't want to use) I began to think of such words myself, but for a long time couldn't find anything that would both look cool and not be completely dumb. After a few days - eureka - I found it: the word "PA3PYXA", that in Russian means the extreme state of destruction, and sounds quite slangy. But this word is feminine gender; as I usually play Quake II using a male character, I made it masculine by removing the "A" ending (in Russian masculine gender nouns almost always end in consonant and have zero ending). So that's how it came to be - Pa3PyX (pronounced "razrooh"). Unfortunately that was the apex of my creative thought -- so when I arrived in the US to study, got an Internet access, came to IRC and stuff, I couldn't think of any better nickname in English, so I decided to leave my nick as it was.

Group Projects Currently/Previously Involved in

Project Name Project Type My Status Project Leader Project Status
The End Complete Heretic level add-on Beta tester Steve Dudzik (aka Farmer Lüt) Unknown
wHeretic Heretic source port Beta tester Robin McLeod Dead

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